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Friday, May 12, 2006

Global Warming Press Release
GreenBuilding Global Warming

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Global Warming Kyoto Protocol Just A Ruse for Political Agenda? - Politics

Dr. Sallie Baliunas of Harvard thinks changes in the magnetism of the sun are responsible for the escalating climate on Earth.

"When the sun's magnetism is strong, the sun's energy output is higher and the Earth is warmer," she said. "We can reconstruct [temperature records for the] Northern Hemisphere about 250 years or so. The ups and downs of temperature match almost exactly the ups and downs in magnetism." Baliunas doubts that man-made emissions contribute much to global warming.

Even if global warming is caused by industrial emissions, there is little likelihood the Kyoto treaty fully implemented, would do much, Lindzen said. "My own view, consistent with the panel's work, is that the Kyoto Protocol would not result in a substantial reduction in global warming."

But if implemented completely, the Kyoto Protocol would crush the U.S. economy. It would require the US to reduce power production as much as 25%. Continued...

If this reduction leads to long term efficiencies, even if we cant make a dent in Global Warming, it would yield overall cost values and more importantly, good karma. What do you think?

Global Warming Google Map Goes Live Isolating Green Building Locations and Toxic Polution Spewing Buildings

San Diego, CA (PRWEB)May 10, 2006 --
Inspired by the intense 24h care for a close friend’s aging father after valve replacement surgery the creators of the GREEN PROJECT decided to create a 24/7 monitor for Mother Earth. introduces the new public driven Global Warming Monitor at .

The Global Warming Monitor(tm) clearly and rapidly identifies the industrial causes and the effects alike of hurricanes, tornados, monsoons, and other natural disasters. In doing so, it informs the public that “Just One Degree(sm)” of average temperature escalation can destroy entire coral reefs. “Just One Degree” can allure South American virus carrying mosquitos and birds north towards Canada. “Just One Degree” can multiply the pollen count forcing asthma sufferers into hospitals.

The two major components of the Global Warming Monitor are industrial buildings and natural disasters. The public is encouraged to freely post locations of KNOWN heavy polluters and natural disasters. Green builders and architects are encouraged to post their LEED approved green buildings on the map as well. Over time, the Global Warming Monitor should show decreasing numbers of “Black Buildings” and natural disasters as the number of “Green Buildings” increases worldwide.

While risking the alarmist label, Global Warming Monitor will accept any and all submissions of disasters and the buildings that contribute to them. In order to mitigate any reckless or irresponsible postings, a public driven rating system is in place to drive down the visibility of the most arguable plotted buildings and disasters. Users will be able to vote on the usefulness or importance of each plotted point on the map.

To further increase the credibility and accuracy of the Global Warming Monitor, is inviting meteorologists and environmental experts to moderate their global warming discussion forum as well as the postings on the Global Warming Monitor. Users are encouraged to contact their local news channel weather man or woman and encourage them to become a moderator.

Between professional meteorologists, experts in natural disasters, green builders / architects, conscientious corporate executives, and the public at large, Global-Green dot org forsees a rapid decline in Earth’s fever. To bolster the arsenal necessary to fight irresponsible industry, Global Green dot org has also created a news blog in addition to the forum. With rapid growth, the individual members will carry lobbying power.

But kick off the ball, change starts with the individual. Global Green dot org asks you, the public, to share responsibility with the toxic factories -- carpool, carry your own containers, and walk. It may only be one step but the founder of Global-Green dot org has officially "ditched" his 8 cylinder Lexus and is now on foot. features Green companies who use hybrid cars and solar power like . But the blog will not just be a feel good news source. It will also expose the worst of the green building violaters as they fight to “Put Green Back on the Map.”

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Global Warming Reversed by Nuclear Power Says Kyoto Protocol - Politics

TREASURER Peter Costello has declared nuclear power the "clean energy" of the future. He said his February speech slamming "mushy misguided multiculturalism" had generated "tens of thousands" of responses - more than 90 per cent of them positive.

Directing his attention to the environment and global warming, Mr Costello said he was now "more aware of these issues".

"I think the evidence is that there is a gradual warming taking place and I think that means we have to begin addressing it," he said. A nuclear power sceptic in the wake of Chernobyl, Costello said he was starting to view nuclear power as a cleaner source of energy than many of the fuels now used. full article...

Austrailia Asia New Zealand Suffer from Fossil Fuel based Global Warming - Impact

El Niño-like weather patterns in the US. Heavier rain in the western Pacific. Less nourishment for marine life along the Equator and off the South American coast. Are all results of Global Warming.

And Australia's north and east would probably be drier than normal. Known as the Walker circulation, this system functions as a belt across the tropical Pacific, with dry air moving eastward at high altitude from Asia to South America and moist air flowing westward over the ocean's surface, pushing prevailing trade winds.

When the moist air gets to Asia, it triggers massive rains in Indonesia. Then it dries out, rises and starts the cycle again, heading east. This atmospheric system has weakened by 3.5% over the past 140 years, and the culprit is likely human-induced, scientists report in today's issue of the journal Nature.

"This is the impact of humans through burning coal, burning benzene, gasoline, everything," says author Dr Vecchi of the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

"It's principally the greenhouse gases from fossil-fuel burning."

The slowdown has been more pronounced in the past 50 years, Vecchi says, noting this fits with what theorists and computer models predict as a result of human-induced global warming. Commented From...

Global Warming Climate Impact is Reality - George Bush - Politics Impact

A study by the Bush administration concluded that the lower atmosphere was growing warmer and that there was "clear evidence of human influences on the climate system." The study is the first of 21 assessments by the Federal Climate Change Science Program, created by the administration in 2002 to address what it called unresolved questions.

“Temperature Trends in the Lower Atmosphere: Steps for Understanding and Reconciling Differences,” tackles difficulties that have impeded understanding of changes in atmospheric temperatures and the causes of these.

According to the report, there is no discrepancy in the rate of global average temperature increase for the surface compared with levels in the atmosphere. This discrepancy had previously been used to challenge the validity of the causes of observed climate change. This is an important update of the conclusions of earlier reports from the U.S. National Research Council and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. From...

Polar Bear Death Caused By Global Warming? - Impact Politics

According to the World Wildlife Fund, about 20 polar bear populations exist, accounting for 22,000 polar bears worldwide. Of those populations only two, about 16.4 percent of the total population, are decreasing. Meanwhile, 10 populations representing 45.4 percent of the total population are stable, and 2 populations amounting to 13.6 percent of the number of polar bears are increasing. The status of the remaining populations is unknown.

"This [the Arctic Assessment] is nothing more than a poorly designed attempt to implement the Kyoto Protocol through the back door," said Knight, director of environmental affairs at the National Center for Public Policy Research. "You don't list endangered species based on speculative predictions," said Knight; "you list them because there are small numbers of the species and the numbers are in fact dwindling. This is not called the 'someday-might-possibly-become-endangered-if-our-speculative-claims-prove-true' list." Edited From...

Natural Disasters Increase Due to Global Warming But EPA Sluggish - Politics

While greenhouse gases fluctuate naturally, industrial actions have contributed to its rising, which has caused global warming. In 50 years, earth's average temperature has risen at the fastest rate - the 10 hottest years on record are all after 1990.

These gases trap heat from the sun at Earth's surface, reducing the amount of heat radiated back into space. The Bush administration has not given importance to the urgency to curb greenhouse gases, but the recent findings that hurricanes, droughts, heat waves and the melting of the polar ice had been all as a result of the phenomenon have set it thinking.

10 states along with New York City and Washington, D.C. have sued the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency EPA, charging that new standards are not sufficient to contain emissions from power plants. More...

Global Warming and Rain Fall Monsoon Hurricane Not Related? - Impact

Contrary climate model predictions, monsoon precipitation did not increase in response to the global warming. Nor did total precipitation increase in response to the warming of the past quarter century. During this time climate alarmists typically claim the earth warmed to a level that was unprecedented over the past two thousand years. Here is a major disconnect between the virtual world of climate models. Common convention is that significant warmings bring increases in precipitation where actual observational data suggest that such is not the case. From...

Global Warming Denied, Philip Morris and Exxon Pay Kyoto Protocol Fighters - Politics

An APCO specialty is supporting rogue scientists who are financed by industry and purport to challenge established scientific thinking. APCO organized The Advancement of Sound Science Coalition, which was originally funded by the Philip Morris Company, to attack epidemiological studies which implicated environmental tobacco smoke in slightly increased rates of lung cancer in non-smokers. Such studies could not be allowed to stand, given the tobacco industry's claim that harm from smoking was regrettable but due to individual choice, not second-hand smoke.

Why is Exxon Mobil so taken with Baliunas? With her colleague Willie Soon, she first claimed that solar effects could account for the earth's warming. When that theory was debunked, they next wrote a paper, partially funded by the American Petroleum Institute says Mother Jones, that claims the twentieth century hasn't been all that warm. The paper quickly became a mini-bible for deniers. But the editor of the journal where the paper was published resigned, saying it never should have been published because of a deficient peer-review process.

Exxon Mobil has been astonishingly successful in delaying action on global warming for more than a decade. During that time, oil revenues soared, Exxon took over Mobil for US $82 billion and in 2005, the combined company earned the largest profit in human history at $36 billion.

That was the year Exxon Mobil CEO Lee Raymond retired. As thanks for his work on behalf of shareholders -- the stock price soared over 500 percent over the decade -- he received a retirement package valued at nearly $400 million. Continued...

Monday, May 08, 2006

Global Warming is a Today Problem

Global warming is happening now. And so is the increase in pollen count. So are the numbers of deadly tropical diseases in north america. It is real.